My Favorite Linux Apps

Whenever I install Linux to one of my computers, there are several applications that I must have, and if they are not already loaded on the system, I immediately download and install them. Most of the applications listed below can be found in the Ubuntu / Kubuntu / Xubuntu / Lubuntu repositories. While these are my favorites, there are many thousands of other excellent applications available in Linux. Some of these applications are also available in Windows and Mac OS X. Here they are by categories:


Chromium Browser – the open source basis for Google Chrome


Banshee Media Player – an excellent media player that looks and acts much like iTunes

Banshee screenshot
K3b – full-featured CD and DVD burner/ripper

K3b screenshot

Brasero – great for burning CDs or DVDs

Sound Converter

OpenShot – a nice video editor

DeVeDe – great for creating DVDs

Adobe Flash – a needed codec

Gstreamer (nice, good, bad, ugly, etc.) – other needed codecs


LibreOffice – an office suite similar to and compatible with MS Office

LibreOffice Writer screenshot
Abiword / Gnumeric – lighter weight office applications compatible with MS Word and Excel


GIMP Image Editor

Simple Scan


GNOME Games – a nice selection of basic games

KDE Games – another nice selection of games

Gweled – similar to Bejeweled

Gweled screenshot

Kobodeluxe – a fun space “shoot-em-up” game

DOSBox – an excellent emulator to run your favorite old DOS games

Duke Nukem (one of my all-time favorites) running in DOSBox:

DOSBox screenshot

Education / Science:

Bibletime – a very nice Bible study suite

BibleTime screenshot

KDE Edu – an excellent assortment of educational software for students of all ages

KStars – desktop planetarium, part of KDE Edu

Stellarium – a beautifully done desktop planetarium with realistic view of the sky

Stellarium Screenshot
Marble – desktop globe, part of KDE Edu

Marble screenshot

Other Applications:

Docky – a Mac OS X – like dock for your desktop

Docky screenshot

Cheese – somewhat like Photobooth on Macs

VirtualBox – a great (and painless) way to test operating systems on your desktop

 System Tools:

Gufw – a simple graphical firewall interface for the Ubuntu firewall

Gufw screenshot
Firestarter – another graphical firewall interface

ClamTK Virus Scanner – a nice graphical front-end for the Clam AntiVirus

Synaptic Package Manager – a great package manager and front-end for the apt commands

PCMan File Manager – a very fast and feature-rich file manager

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 Updated 12/6/2017