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Websites: – – Information about Linux, official website of the Linux Foundation – General information about Linux from Wikipedia – LinuxInsider – Linux news – Linux Journal – Linux news – Linux Magazine – Linux news – (Another) Linux Magazine – Linux news – Linux Today – Linux news – LinuxPlanet – Linux news – – Linux-News – LinuxBSDos – Detailed reviews and simple tutorials for Linux and BSD – The PCLinuxOS Magazine – Articles about

PCLinuxOS and things related to Linux in general – OSNews – News about Linux and other operating systems – FreeOS – News about Linux and other operating systems – ComputerWorld – News about Linux and other operating systems – ITworld – News about Linux and other operating systems – Desktop Linux Reviews – Thorough reviews of various Linux distros – Dedoimedo – Reviews, tips, and tricks regarding Linux and technology in general – Linux Notes from DarkDuck – Thorough reviews of various Linux distros – Psychocats – Ubuntu Linux Resources – Low Cost Computing – How to keep older computers running with new software – Cheap-Computing – How to install Linux – DistroWatch – A detailed listing of Linux distros – A detailed listing of Linux distros in Wikipedia – get GNU/Linux! – A very thoughtful and concise guide for switching to Linux – Linux Career – Linux Jobs – Open Source Initiative – The Linux Kernel Archives – GNU Operating System– Dictionary of Linux words and terms – Planet Ubuntu – OMG! Ubuntu! – Ubuntu Vibes – AndroLinux – “Android + Linux = AndroLinux” – Everyday Linux User

Books: – Linuxtopia – offers some excellent books for the Linux beginner –

After the Software Wars by Keith Curtis – This fascinating book examines not only Linux, but open source software as a whole and its importance in the future. After the Software Wars can be purchased in hardcopy or for the Amazon Kindle. Also, it can be read online for free at Google Books [1].

The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond – An excellent and interesting comparison between the proprietary and open source models of software development, as well as an argument in favor of the open source model, using Linux as a prime example [2].

Videos: – Jupiter Broadcasting – A YouTube Channel which includes the Linux Action Show – Sneekylinux – Informative and entertaining video reviews of various Linux distros.

NuggetCast: Linux for Beginners

Ubuntu for Tablets

Ubuntu for Phones

Games for Linux

Sheldon Likes Ubuntu

Windows 7 or KDE 4?

Compiz Fusion Desktop Effects

Compiz Fusion effects work best on more recent computer hardware.


1.    ^ “After the Software Wars.”

2.    ^ “The Cathedral and the Bazaar.”

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