Is my computer compatible with Linux?

If your computer has at least a Pentium IV or equivalent processor, then most Linux distros should work great. Even If your computer has a Pentium III or even a Pentium II or equivalent, there should be some lightweight distros which will work fine. Click here to learn more about a few Linux distros and their hardware requirements [1]. Also, click here to see a very helpful article about how to determine which hardware is supported by Linux [2]. Below are some websites with more information about the compatibility of Linux with various computers:

IBM Thinkpad Tux [3]>
Linux Hardware Compatibility List & Linux Drivers [4]
Linux HCL [5
Ubuntu-certified Hardware [6]
OpenSUSE Hardware [7]
Tux,” the mascot of Linux, was created by Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinski [8].


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