Migrating RenewablePCs to WordPress

Currently, I am in the process of migrating the entire content of www.RenewablePCs.com from Google Sites to WordPress. It is hard to believe that RenewablePCs is nearly five years old! The website started small and grew from my excitement and passion for Linux. Since its beginning, the website has been powered through Google Sites, which generally speaking is an outstanding service and an excellent place for people to easily create websites for free – all with little or no html experience needed.

Google has been quite good to me, and I use their many services on a daily basis. However, my reason for wanting to migrate Renewable PCs from Google Sites to WordPress is a dissatisfaction in the way Google has eliminated the ability to insert Adsense ads in Sites, or to edit existing Adsense ads. Google made this change in 2013, and while I am somewhat puzzled why they made the change, I was ok with staying with Google Sites until very recently. About a week ago, I decided to alter the Google Sites theme on RenewablePCs, and as a result all of my Adsense ads that have been on my site since it s beginning stopped working. For me, this was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” I did not like losing the revenue (while not huge) from the ads. According to www.Statcounter.com, my website has averaged about 400 unique visitors per day, from all over the world, which is quite humbling for me.

So I am in just the beginning stages of moving to WordPress, and what is currently on WordPress is very rough around the edges, with need for a lot of cleanup. For now, RenewablePCs continues to be powered by Google Sites, but once I can get the content looking good on WordPress, I plan to point the site domain from Google Sites to WordPress. From what I know of WordPress, I am excited to be here and over time RenewablePCs will be better than ever! — Chuck

For older Blog posts, you can go to: http://renewablepcs.blogspot.com/


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