Ubuntu MATE is Like Coming Back Home

Yesterday, I decided to give Ubuntu MATE a try, and it has been a very pleasant surprise. First, it works very well and is easy on my system’s resources. After startup at idle, the RAM usage was under 400 MB and the CPU was running at about 2-3%; this is on an HP Pavilion g4 […]

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Fully Switched Over to WordPress

The switch from Google Sites to WordPress is complete for Renewable PCs. There are still some rough edges and stray html to clean up, but the website now looks great! — Chuck

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Migrating RenewablePCs to WordPress

Currently, I am in the process of migrating the entire content of http://www.RenewablePCs.com from Google Sites to WordPress. It is hard to believe that RenewablePCs is nearly five years old! The website started small and grew from my excitement and passion for Linux. Since its beginning, the website has been powered through Google Sites, which […]

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